Retiring as maintainer of dataenc

Magnus Therning magnus at
Sat Dec 29 19:57:04 CET 2012

Hi all,

A few years ago I found a need to base64 encode a bit of text inside
vim and realised that there was no convenient way of doing it.  This
resulted in dataenc[1] and a pair of tools built on it, omnicodec[2].

The main goals were to make dataenc correct, support many encodings,
and easy to maintain.  This resulted in very simple (some would say
naïve) code, with fairly good test coverage.  As some have noticed,
this simplicity in algorithm results in rather bad performance on
large data.  Which is why I've been planning for a replacement for a
while now.  This replacement is now here, sandi[3].  The goals of
sandi are similar to dataenc, correct, many encodings, fairly simple,
but also reasonably fast.

This means that I personally think dataenc has reached the end of its
life and I won't spend any more time on maintaining it.  If anyone is
interested in taking over maintenance then please announce it on the



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