Proposal: merge either into transformers

Mario Blažević mblazevic at
Mon Dec 10 22:38:35 CET 2012

On 12-12-10 01:57 PM, Edward Kmett wrote:
> There is Data.Functor.Coproduct in comonad-transformers
> (
> which could be moved.
> I never really liked having it in the comonad-transformers package anyways.

	There is also Cgm.Data.Functor.Sum in cognimeta-utils, though it 
doesn't come with a Functor instance for some reason. I think I prefer 
Data.Functor.Sum to Data.Functor.Coproduct. There may be more 
occurrences in Hackage, hiding under less obious names.

	I presume this addition to Transformers would require a new proposal?

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