List-0.4.3 (and hexpat)

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Thu Aug 16 11:50:38 CEST 2012

Thanks for your prompt response and action!

Am 15.08.2012 23:46, schrieb Yair Chuchem:
> Hi Christian,
> Please try again now (after a cabal update).
> I uploaded List-0.4.4 which removes mapMaybe, and then also uploaded
> List-0.5.0 which re-adds it.
> hexpat should now be using List-0.4.4 as it wants List < 0.5
> I'll follow up with a few steps:
> * Make myself a rule to test installing hexpat before I push updates to
> List in future.
> * Contact Stephen to change hexpat to not use unqualified open imports,
> at least for List.

His email was not in the package description.


> * Add docs to my package warning users that using it with unqualified
> open imports may be more dangerous than usual (btw unqualified open
> imports are always dangerous) because List exports functions which
> generalize Prelude functions and shares their names by design. Similar
> to how Control.Category exports "." and "id".
> Cheers & Happy coding,
> Yair

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