Hackage rejecting packages

Paterson, Ross R.Paterson at city.ac.uk
Sat Oct 29 00:59:04 CEST 2011

Iavor Diatchki writes:
> I just noticed that the public Hackage server has started refusing to
> accept packages that do not have an upper bound on "base".     I think
> that this crosses the line of useful static checking and, instead of
> helping package maintainers, it creates more work for them.  (A
> warning to the same effect would be just fine.)

It's not new: hackage rejects anything that Cabal's checkPackage marks
as worse than suspicious, and this became such an error some time ago:

Mon Jun  1 20:16:29 BST 2009  Duncan Coutts <duncan at haskell.org>
  * Ban upwardly open version ranges in dependencies on base
  Fixes ticket #435.

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