incorrect dependencies on template-haskell

Brandon Moore brandon_m_moore at
Mon Oct 3 03:31:06 CEST 2011

template-haskell- has inaccurate dependencies thatlead cabal-install to attempt to install it on 6.12.3 

The .cabal specifies

    build-depends: base >= 4.2 && < 5,

but assumes TypeSynonymInstances in PprLib.hs

(only true by default after Haskell2010 became default in ghc-7.0.1),

instance Show Doc

and PPr.lhs

import GHC.Show( showMultiLineString )
(added in commit e8d11b1, labeled

It seems the dependency should be at least base >= 4.3,
and either the LANGUAGE pragma or cabal file updated.

If the package isn't meant to be upgraded, should it be on
hackage at all?


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