Removing lazy IO?

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Am Dienstag, den 08.11.2011, 19:26 -0800 schrieb Jason Dagit:
> The other separate proposal that I would like to propose (at some time
> in the future) is a thorough removal of "lazy IO" from base.  Or at
> least make it not available in the Prelude (ie., people have to ask
> for it if they want it).  Perhaps this would require the support of
> Haskell'?

I very much like the lazy O in lazy IO, e.g. with this real-life code

    hPutStrLn stderr $ "Out of " ++ show (IxS.size (binaries unstable `IxS.union` binaries testing)) ++ " binary packages, " ++ show (IxS.size unmod) ++ " are unmodified, but 
" ++ show (IxS.size affected) ++ " are possibly affected."

Thanks to lazy IO, I get a very nice feedback about what the code is
doing right now, and how long the various values take to calculate.


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