New libraries process

Milan Straka fox at
Thu May 26 23:32:35 CEST 2011

Hi all,

> Thanks to those who responded to the message below, about improving the process for developing the core Haskell libraries.  
> Feedback has been broadly positive, with constructive suggestions that we've incorporated in the text.  I suggest that we leave another week for debate and refinement, and (unless there are some substantial new points) adopt the new process from 9 June.  
> I hope that's agreeable. (We don't have a process for modifying the process :-)

Johan pointed out the new library submission process to me -- thanks.

I am interested in being the containers maintainer under the new library
submission process.

I have been working on the containers code for some time now (I had
another data structure presentation on TFP 2011), my PhD thesis topic is
Functional persistent data structures and I have been programming in
Haskell for some time now -- I believe I can be the maintainer of
containers. With the proposed submission process, I would also like to
be the maintainer (this was not true with the previous submission
process -- I stopped working on the containers package because of it).

I think the proposal is really a way forward.

Milan Straka

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