Proposal: Improve the API for TChan, TMVar, and TVar

wren ng thornton wren at
Sat Mar 26 10:29:29 CET 2011

I've found the following functions helpful for working with STM. Some of 
them are just filling out the API so that TVars, TMVars, and IORefs 
match better. And all the non-TVar functions can be optimized 
considerably by including them in the STM library rather than defining 
them externally. The implementations are obvious, so I'll just include 
the types here; see the patch if you're interested.

     -- | Non-blocking version of 'readTChan'.
     tryReadTChan :: TChan a -> STM (Maybe a)

     -- | Get the next value from the 'TChan' without removing it,
     -- blocking if the channel is empty.
     peekTChan :: TChan a -> STM a

     -- | Non-blocking version of 'peekTChan'.
     tryPeekTChan :: TChan a -> STM (Maybe a)

     -- | Non-blocking version of 'readTMVar'.
     tryReadTMVar :: TMVar a -> STM (Maybe a)

     -- | Like 'modifyIORef' but for 'TVar'.
     modifyTVar :: TVar a -> (a -> a) -> STM ()

     -- | Strict version of 'modifyTVar'.
     modifyTVar' :: TVar a -> (a -> a) -> STM ()

     -- | Like 'swapTMVar' but for 'TVar'.
     swapTVar :: TVar a -> a -> STM a

Discussion period: 2 weeks.

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