cabal removeLink denied on Mac

Ulrich Vollert ulrivo at
Tue Mar 22 20:41:24 CET 2011


I had an older cabal in /Library/Frameworks/HaskellPlatform.framework/bin (?) and in ~/.cabal/bin:

	cabal --version
	cabal-install version 0.8.2
	using version of the Cabal library 

Calling cabal started the old cabal because I had an ~/.cabal/bin on my path.

I deleted the directory /Library/Frameworks/HaskellPlatform.framework/ and ~/.cabal/bin from my path.

Now...everything is fine: calling cabal starts the actual version from /Library/Haskell/bin and I am able to install any package.

I dont understand the reason...but anyway...thank you very much.


Am 22.03.2011 um 15:47 schrieb Mark Lentczner:

> Something is very wrong -- an executable should never have a problem reading/writing to the allocated per-process temp directory. Does this happen with all packages, or only sqllte? Also, can you verify your cabal version? After 2011.2.0.0 it should be:
> > cabal --version
> cabal-install version 0.10.2
> using version of the Cabal library 
> - Mark

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