Proposal: add ByteString support to unix:System.Posix.IO API

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Fri Mar 4 09:29:14 CET 2011

We don't need to stop-the-world, but we can at least agree a general
policy in advance of starting to make such changes.
In this specific case the unicode/byte mismatch means there's a strong
case for doing it anyway; but one might argue for replacing String with
[Char8] instead of removing it completely. Again, if we had a generally
agreed approach to what "string" types to support, we could justify
individual decisions like this easily by reference to that policy.


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	Which was my point.  If you're going to deprecate Strings, do so
across the
	board in an organized manner --- not via ad hoc deprecations to

The only problem with that is that ad hoc deprecations are achievable by
individual library maintainers, while a "stop-the-world" approach won't,
I think, work. 

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