ByteString version of Text.Regex?

Kathleen Fisher kathleen.fisher at
Fri Mar 4 00:37:54 CET 2011

I want a version of the Text.Regex library where the input is a character-based ByteString instead of a String.  I haven't found one on hackage, although I'm not convinced I've looked exhaustively.  (Every time I try to explore the regular expression libraries on Hackage, I end up in a maze of documentation, never sure precisely where I am or where I should be going.)   It would be really helpful if there were a few English paragraphs somewhere explaining the high-level model provided by the various modules!

I ended up taking a version of Text.Regex and making changes to produce a library that works for lazy character ByteStrings.  Is that a reasonable thing to do?  I'm going to make my software public soon, so I'll either need to release this modified library or swap my version out for a more standard one.  

Any suggestions on the best way to proceed?


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