Proposal: add ByteString support to unix:System.Posix.IO API

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at
Tue Mar 1 23:51:05 CET 2011


On 01/03/2011 06:35, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> Well, wait. That paragraph portion seems to confuse things. At the 
> very least, it confuses me, because I surely didn't suggest using 
> concat, as that would be silly. I want to see four entry points for 
> writing:
> fdWrite :: Strict.ByteString -> IO Int
> fdWriteAll :: Strict.ByteString -> IO ()
> fdWritev :: [Strict.ByteString] -> IO Int -- turn the list into an 
> iovec, then call writev
> fdWritevAll :: [Strict.ByteString] -> IO ()
> People would normally use the 'All' variants, but there are times when 
> you really do want to know if you've performed a short write so that 
> you can handle it yourself.
What's the practical difference between a (lazy) list of strict 
bytestrings and a lazy bytestring?



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