Proposal: Make gcd total

Daniel Fischer at
Sun Jun 12 00:16:03 CEST 2011

On Saturday 28 May 2011, 12:59:58, I wrote:
> Discussion period: two weeks, until 11. June 2011.
> An old and reopened ticket is at:
> The Proposal:
> I would like to propose the elimination of the special error case
> gcd 0 0 = error "Prelude.gcd: gcd 0 0 is undefined"
> to replace it with
> gcd 0 0 = 0
> (which would be an automatic consequence of removing the above line).

The discussion period is over, nobody objected.
The proposal was supported by Jacques Carette, Cale Gibbard, Sebastian 
Fischer, Wren Ng Thornton, Ross Paterson, Edward Kmett, Yitzchak Gale (and 
various others on previous occasions).

There was some discussion about the formulation of the documentation, I 
hope the variant in the patch (based on Ross Paterson's suggestion) is 
sufficiently clear.

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