parsec3 vs parsec-3.x

Roman Cheplyaka roma at
Sat Jan 29 09:29:10 CET 2011

* Antoine Latter <aslatter at> [2011-01-28 11:00:56-0600]
> > I'd be happy to apply a patch for this.
> To be more clear, to the 'parsec' package. I think Christian would
> have to do it for the new 'parsec3' package.

Perhaps I missed something. Can someone please explain why do we have to
have two different third parsecs? Should one of them be deprecated? When
would a user prefer one to another?

I read the description of parsec3 package on hackage, it tries to give
some explanation, but still:

1. It's not clear why "you may want to develop your code using this
   subset of parsec3 modules". What advantage does it give?
2. If the packages are supposed to be compatible (as follows from the
   above quote), the fact that they have different maintainers (and
   different code repositories, I suppose) does not help.

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