Testing a local package with Cabal?

Howard B. Golden howard_b_golden at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 25 16:53:42 CET 2011


I am making my first package to be installed with Cabal from Hackage. I know how 
to run the various steps (configure, build, install, etc.) using runhaskell 

Is there some way I can package my package as a tar.gz (using sdist) and then 
test it from a local file as if it were being downloaded from Hackage by cabal 
install? (If this is documented, I couldn't find it. If this isn't documented, 
it should be IMO. If this isn't currently available, I request the feature be 

Also, do I have to do something special in the .cabal file (or elsewhere) to get 
Haddock run on the source files?



Howard B. Golden
Northridge, California, USA

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