Subject: Hackage broken -- no building/haddock being done

Darius Jahandarie djahandarie at
Sat Apr 23 00:45:54 CEST 2011

Hello all,

Hackage seems to have stopped building packages since April 16th.
Consequently, no haddocks have been created for all packages uploaded
since then.

Here is the last package that built:
Here is the package right after it, which was the first failure:

I got these packages by scrapping what 'hackagebot' said on #haskell
and checking the urls, but since that bot drops in and out randomly,
it's possible that I missed some packages. The full list of packages
uploaded since text-json-qq-0.3.0 is attached (again, from

Hopefully this is a fixable problem. :)

Darius Jahandarie
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