A paper relating to Data.Set and Data.Map

Milan Straka fox at ucw.cz
Tue Apr 19 16:40:33 CEST 2011

Hi Kazu and all,

> Hello libraries and cafe,
> We (Hirai and I) would like to tell you our paper relating to
> Data.Set and Data.Map. "Balancing Weight-Balanced Trees" is now
> accepted and will appear in Journal of Functional Programming.
> The camera-ready version of the paper is available from:
> 	http://www.mew.org/~kazu/proj/weight-balanced-tree/
> Please recall that Taylor Campbell reported a bug of Data.Map in last
> Summer. In some cases, the balance of Data.Map is broken after delete
> operations. This triggered our research.
> 	http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.haskell.libraries/13444
> Though Data.Set/Data.Map are based of a variant Weight-Balanced tree
> by Adams, we target the original Weight-Balanced tree by Nievergelt
> and Reingold. They are parameterized algorithms and the difference of
> two algorithms is quite small. But the original has smaller conditions
> which are gentle for proof.
> We identified the valid area of two parameters of the original
> Weight-Balanced tree and showed <3,2> is only one integer solution.
> Soundness is proved in Coq and completeness is verified with four
> algorithms to generate counterexamples for the outside of the valid
> area.
> "wttree.scm" of MIT/GNU Scheme and slib have already incorporated our
> fixes. When I offered our fixes to MIT/GNU Scheme, Taylor Campbell
> appeared again. I understand that he is an MIT/GNU Scheme guy and
> found the bug of Data.Map when re-implementing "wttree.scm" consulting
> Data.Map. :-)
> We think it's Haskell community turn now. Data.Set/Data.Map are still
> based on the variant whose soundness is not proved yet. If interested,
> let's discuss whether or not we should replace the variant with the
> original in Data.Set/Data.Map.
> We guess that Milan Straka, a big contributer of the container
> package, has his opinion. We welcome opinions from other people, two.

I wrote a paper containing the proof of correctness of Adams' trees and
therefore of Data.{Set,Map}. The paper got accepted to the TFP 2011. The
draft is available at http://fox.ucw.cz/papers/bbtree/ . That should
settle the question of soundness of the current implementation.

The analysis and the benchmark included in the paper suggest to use
different representation and parameters for best performance -- I will
submit patches soon.

One nice side-effect is that just by reordering the constructors of
Data.IntSet and Data.IntMap, I got 10% and 9% speedup (measured with
the containers-benchmark package). These changes will be part of the
patches I am going to make. (See the pages 13 and 14 of the paper
for some discussion about this phenomenon.)

Milan Straka

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