The libraries proposal process and containers

Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at
Sat Sep 25 12:23:38 EDT 2010

Don Stewart wrote:

> Have *any* of these patches been proposed for review?

Hey, chill out dons!  Yes, most of them have been proposed for review,  
and accepted.

> containers is a critical library,

I hope not.  As has been demonstrated recently, containers still  
suffers from correctness bugs and performance lacks.  No-one should  
treat it as critical infrastructure yet.  Indeed the source code  
itself still claims "Stability: provisional".

> and under libraries@ maintainance.

In general, I think assigning maintenance (of any library, not  
specifically this one) to libraries at h.o is rather suboptimal.  In my  
view, it is better for a library to have a dedicated individual person  
who cares about it, than a committee of random strangers who are only  
focussed on fixing their own problem-du-jour, but lack the wider view.

In this case, Milan is not just a random stranger - he has a paper  
accepted at the Haskell Symposium, to be presented in a couple of days  
time, about these very patches!  That sounds awfully like a  
"maintainer who cares" to me.


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