Summary of containers patches

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Fri Sep 24 06:58:17 EDT 2010

With inlining, we speedups for (parametric) polymorphic functions as well, some of it due to the unboxing.
Can you give some examples to back up this claim?  I am skeptical

I don't know if I want to litter client modules with SPECIALIZE pragmas, I think they should go in the library and not at the call site. For example, in C++ you get client module specialization without any annotations at the call site. We should be able to get by without having to have the client module care about these things.

That's what the auto-specialisation I described does.
You can't write a SECIALISE pragma in the libray for a type that is defined by the client.  This is very very common


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