Proposal: Make intersperse lazier

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Tue Sep 21 05:28:46 EDT 2010

Am 21.09.2010 11:08, schrieb John Lato:
> Which compiler/version are you using for your tests?  Is the behavior
> the same for other compilers/versions?  In particular, is it similar for
> ghc-6.10, ghc-6.12, and ghc-HEAD?

I've used ghc-6.12.3. My top-level file is Bench.hs:

import Criterion.Main
import Interspersing

testCase f = print . length . f ','

main = do
  let s = replicate  10000000 'A'
  print $ length s
  defaultMain [ bench "isgo" $ testCase isgo s
              , bench "isrec" $ testCase isrec s ]

(using Daniel's Interspersing module)

I compiled by:
  ghc -O2 -fforce-recomp -fext-core --make Bench.hs

and ran:
  ./Bench -s 10

> When benchmarking variants like this, I'm always suspicious that my
> optimizations may be ghc-version-specific, since I've had occasional
> experience to the contrary.

Yes, and after years, you'll sometimes find out that your pragmas, bangs
and other quirks actually made things worse.

Cheers Christian

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