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In the current thread about "Making it easier to contribute
non-functional changes" Johan Tibell asked about the contributors to
the base library. Darcs has a nifty command for this: darcs show
authors[1]. This command shows the total number of patches per author.

Unfortunately authors email addresses or nicknames change over time
which obfuscates this list. Fortunately darcs has a simple way of
figuring out which email address or nickname belongs to which author
by consulting the .authorspellings file. In this file you can specify

official author name <official at>, followed by regular
expressions for matching old email addresses and nicknames.

The attached patch adds an initial .authorspellings file to the base library.

It would be nice if somebody could commit it.

It would be even nicer still if we could somehow share the same
.authorspellings file between GHC and the different boot libraries. Is
it possible (and desirable) to create a symlink from the base library
to the ghc repositorie's .authorspellings file (which doesn't exist
yet). Or maybe we should create a script that synchronizes the
different files.



If you know the real name that belongs to some obscure nickname used
in base or if you know which email addresses belong to the same
person, please tell, so I can add them.

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