HTTP 4000.1.0 release

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at
Tue Nov 9 18:14:46 EST 2010


I've just released HTTP 4000.1.0 to hackage:

  - Fixed a bug that caused infinite loops for some URLs on some platforms 
(whether the URL was a trigger is probably related to the size of the 
returned data, and the affected platforms. Based on a patch by Daniel 

    - This is technically a breaking change (and hence there is an API 
version bump) as the fix introduces a new member to the HStream class 
which can be used to define a new payload type instead of 
String/ByteString, but I scanned hackage and noone actually seems to be 
doing that.

  - Applied a patch by Antoine Latter to fix a bug in the handling of 
301 and 307 response codes. Here's his description of the change:

The Network.Browser module is a convenience layer over the
Network.Http modules offering many of the niceties one would expect in
a web-browser - cookies, user authentication, and transparent handling
of redirects.

When using Network.Browser, previously (since version 4000.0.8) a
redirect response code of 301 or 307 from the server would force the
redirected request to be sent as a GET, even if the original request
was of some other HTTP method. This behavior is only appropriate for a
response code of 302 or 303 and has been fixed.

The upstream repo is now on github:, 
though I may well switch back to darcs if I remain maintainer for long.

I'd like to emphasise that I have no particular desire to maintain HTTP 
and if anyone else would like to take over they would be very welcome!



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