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Heinrich Apfelmus apfelmus at
Mon Mar 22 05:49:59 EDT 2010

wren ng thornton wrote:
> Don Stewart wrote:
>> Has two new changes:
>>  * Per-platform "landing" pages, where we can describe the packages
>> for each system:
>>     +
> The current version of the Mac landing page says to "Follow the install
> instructions", except there is no INSTALL file in the dmg. Perhaps the
> wording should be changed to say something like "Open the bundles and
> follow the instructions", or a trivial INSTALL file added to the dmg?

The usual documentation on Mac OS is to embellish the disk image with a
background image that explains pictorially how to install, for instance
like this

     / | \                   /====  To install:
     \ | /                  | ====  Open this package
      \|/                    \====  and follow the instructions


Example applications:




(Since these are application bundles, the installation procedure is
different from that of the Haskell Platform.)

Heinrich Apfelmus


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