Haskell platform proposal: time-extras package

Ashley Yakeley ashley at semantic.org
Mon Mar 22 04:27:29 EDT 2010

Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> At the time of that objection, I did not realise that "time" already 
> required Rank2.  My preference would be for "time"s dependency on ReadP 
> to be removed in favour of a H'98 parsing combinator library, thus 
> bringing "time" back to true portability.
> (Back in the autumn, I did spend some time attempting to re-code "time"s 
> parsing code precisely to remove the ReadP dep, but never completed it.)
> However, you might consider that a step too far, in which case adding 
> the Rank2-requiring Data instances into "time" might be the better 
> solution for you.

Merging the Data instances into "time" is certainly my preference. But 
if there were consensus for it and code for it, I would consider a 
solution that made "time" not require Rank2.

Ashley Yakeley

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