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> From: Sebastian Fischer <sebf at>
> Date: March 8, 2010 10:56:16 AM GMT+01:00
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> Subject: Re: [Haskell] ANNOUNCE: barchart-0.1.1
>> barchart is a command-line program with associated Haskell library

After announcing the barchart package, I have some problems building  
its Haddock documentation.


> The API is not generated on Hackage because the diagrams library  
> cannot be built on GHC 6.12.

Hence, I tried to generate it myself, but

> Even with
>    --html-location='$pkg/latest/doc/html'
> 'cabal haddock' does not generate links to the required packages.

I noticed, that 'cabal haddock' does generate (external) Links to  
Hackage when I use the --html-location option after reinstalling all  
required packages *locally*.

Why do I have to istall local documentation in order to get external  

Secondly, there are no Haddocks for the Diagrams library on Hackage  
and, hence, the links from the barchart docs to Diagrams's types are  
broken. I'd like to specify a custom link target for only the Diagrams  
package (the Diagrams website has Haddock documentation).

Is this possible?


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