Dependency Problem on Hackage

Seyed Hosein Attarzadeh Niaki shan2 at
Tue Jun 29 07:51:01 EDT 2010

Dear Haskell libraries maintainers,

I have recently uploaded a package to Hackage and got a build failure: 

The error looks to be due to dependencies on multiple versions of some 
Haskell libraries built on Hackage.
In particular, depending on both "directory" and "process" leads to 
indirect dependencies on unix- and
The same situation is there for "containers" and "regex-posix" which 
results to multiple dependency on array- and
I asked about this matter on #haskell. They said it is because of the 
centralized build mechanism of Hackage which hopefully will be improved 
with the new servers. But, for the short term I should ask the 
maintainers to rebuild the deps.

I would like to ask if you confirm the cause of error.
Also, since many packages depend on these Haskell libraries, I guess 
other people might also have the same problem. Do you have any plans to 
rebuild these packages on Hackage?

Hosein Attarzadeh

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