Containers and strictness

Milan Straka fox at
Thu Jun 24 07:35:57 EDT 2010

> On 24 June 2010 11:14, Milan Straka <fox at> wrote:
> > I need some opinion:
> >
> > - Do you think methods like insert/lookup/delete/etc should be strict in
> >  key/element?
> >
> >  As Claus wrote, right now it is undocumented and inconsistent (both in
> >  the methods of one container and also in the same methods of different
> >  container).
> Just as it is sometimes important to be able to do strict inserts, it
> is important sometimes that we have maps that are lazy in the
> elements. There are important use cases both ways.
> So yes we should have some kind of consistent convention. We could do
> worse than the naming convention where the strict versions use a
> trailing prime ' character.

I thought we are talking only about keys/elements. I would leave the
values untouched.

Personally I vote for:
- keys in Maps and elements in Sets are strict
- vales in Maps are left untouched (lazy)


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