Status of regex-posix on Windows?

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Wed Jun 16 10:12:37 EDT 2010

There was a thread here in March 2010 about issues
with building regex-posix on Windows:

It was pointed out that the maintainer doesn't have
Windows access, and some conclusion seems to have
been reached that allowed regex-posix to be included
in the Haskell platform release. 

But it does not look as if the results were fed back to 
the maintainer for inclusion in the regex-posix package 
(darcs or hackage version).

What is the recommended way to build regex-posix
on Windows these days? Could the information be
distilled into a package that builds without hacks,
and could the hackage package please be updated 
to reflect that? It is a platform package, after all.


It looks as if at some point the package could just
be built without external dependencies (other than
GHC's build system) but it is not clear to me what
the current intention is for building on Windows.

The hackage version is still missing bits from the
darcs version (in particular, the c-code to build and 
link with/include from), the darcs version has Makefiles 
that date back to when regex-posix was built within
GHC's build system, and a proclaiming
the library to be at version 0.71. The .cabal file (version
0.94.2) features two Build-type entries (Custom and
Simple), the Setup.hs simply calls defaultMain.


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