Most popular libraries not in the HP

Thomas DuBuisson thomas.dubuisson at
Thu Jul 15 17:27:49 EDT 2010

>        * Binary parsing: binary + cereal ?
>        * Vectors:        vector

I strongly support adding these to HP.

> * gtk2hs

And I support gtk2hs.  I've had odd issues with wxHaskell and have
observed me/others having trouble finding good examples or help.

>        * Hashing:        pureMD5

And I oppose adding pureMD5 or any other individual crypto algorithm
libraries before we have a reasonably standardized API.

By the end of August I hope to have the new crypto-api done [1] enough
to place on Hackage.  It should be a quick job to make matching APIs
for simpleAES, cryptohash, maybe twofish and TigerHash.  After these
APIs are built we can add the packages either directly to HP or I
propose using a meta-package "crypto-algs" which simply pulls in the
individual packages as dependencies (not much difference to HP, but
it's nice for cabal-install users and packages that will depend on


[1] "Done" to me means at least
- The API is fairly stable / agreed on.
- The semantics are agreeable to most people who use/build the crypto routines.
- System.CryptoRandom exists/works for POSIX (via /dev/urandom) and
Windows (via the windows crypto RNG).
- Reasonable tests are included
- Modes are implemented (though they will perform sub-optimally)

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