(Periodic) Segmentation faults when using regex-compat-0.92

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Mon Jul 12 19:36:26 EDT 2010

> I am getting periodic (although frequent) segmentation faults when loading the following code into ghci (version 6.13.20100309) and then asking for the value of re_results1:
> > module Examples.RegExpTest where
> > 
> > import qualified Text.Regex as RE
> > 
> > re = RE.mkRegexWithOpts "^a+" True True
> > re_results1 = RE.matchRegexAll re "aaaab"
> Is this a known problem?  Are there known work arounds?

That sounds very scary. There should never be a segfault in code like
this. It may point to a compiler bug in the GHC head.

I wonder if you can upgrade to regex-compat 0.93.1 ?

Forwarding to the maintainer, Chris Kuklewicz.

-- Don

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