Containers and strictness continued

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Fri Jul 9 16:18:37 EDT 2010

>    The idea would be to provide both IntMap and IntMap',
>    the latter being strict in the keys. There would be one

strict in the values, of course..

So instead of choosing between function' and function
(doubling the API size) or between Data.IntMap.strict
and Data.IntMap.nonstrict, clients would simply choose 
between IntMap' and IntMap (even a conversion could
be offered - just another specialisation of map).

>    This module is small enough that one can compare
>    the core output (-ddump-simpl), and it looks as if
>    the -O2 compiled core for the specialized versions
>    of mapL matches that for the handcoded versions.
>    No manual duplication, just pragmas, same code
>    and API, just different types for the two use cases.

Since I don't have much practice reading core, it would
be good if those of you with more core experience could 
check this assertion; also on whether there is any reason
to expect difficulties extending this to Data.{IntMap,Map}.

> mapL :: (L l a,L l b) => (a -> b) -> l a -> l b
> {-# SPECIALIZE mapL :: (a -> b) -> L1 a -> L1 b #-}
> {-# SPECIALIZE mapL :: (a -> b) -> L2 a -> L2 b #-}

If only the type-specialized maps would be exported
(with map instead of mapL and IntMap'/IntMap instead 
of L1/L2), neither the class nor the language pragmas 
would affect client code, so this could be a mostly
compatible extension. I'm not sure how to do that 
without writing more code, though - any suggestions?



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