ANN: haxr 3000.5 and haxr-th 3000.5

Gracjan Polak gracjanpolak at
Sat Jan 16 10:03:41 EST 2010

Hello fellow haskellers,

New release of HaXR 3000.5 availalble! HaXR is a library for writing XML-RPC
client and server applications in Haskell. HaXR consists of two packages: haxr
and haxr-th. The latter package contains the Template Haskell code used for
automatically deriving XML-RPC struct representations for Haskell records.

Goodies in this release include:

* UTF-8 encoding
* HTTP 4000 and ByteStrings
* HaXml dependency upgrade to 1.20

My request to The Powers: since I have no access rights to the HaXR home page could we please move it to haskellwiki? Also the
old repository is now stale. Can we do something
about this?

Happy hacking!


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