Status of nubOrd (Proposal #2629)

Gwern Branwen gwern0 at
Wed Feb 24 20:31:53 EST 2010

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 4:39 PM, Barton C Massey <bart at> wrote:
> I think in the end everyone agreed that putting nubOrd in
> Data.Set (and nubInt in Data.IntSet?) would be a good thing.
> I just never got it done; I was burned out by the process,
> and I really struggled with getting Darcs to produce a
> reasonable-sized patch that could be submitted.

That sounds odd. You ask for help in #darcs?

> I'll pick it up again if folks want, or someone else can.
> I've attached a nubOrd patch I had lying around; it's
> against ancient libraries and isn't even a context diff, but
> it should be sufficient to reconstruct what needs to be
> done.  It includes QuickCheck tests and benchmarked as quite
> fast IIRC.

> Some of the false positives in sort.txt, BTW, will be
> because the values often need to be sorted anyway.
> In this case, the speed win of nubOrd over
> (map head . group . sort) isn't so clear---it probably
> depends on the degree of replication in the input list.
> Somebody should do some benchmarking, probably.  On the
> other hand, nubOrd preserves the input ordering, which is
> occasionally handy.

Looking over the various versions of 'nub' I've collected and my
notes, I wonder if we might not be best off with 3 nubs: the current
stable Eq, a stable Ord (using Sets), and an unstable Ord.

> I have to wonder if some sort of nubOrdWith that uses a
> specified equality test wouldn't be a good thing also,

Hm. Seems kind of redundant with the Eq typeclass, and I don't think I
saw any uses which were equivalent to nubOrdWith.

>  but I
> hate to spend any more time beating on this proposal.
>    Bart Massey
>    bart at

It just needs someone to take the time to put together a criterion
benchmark module and figure out which of the bikesheds are best. It
only took a year or so for Control.Monad.void, so no reason we
couldn't have faster nubs in the 2011 GHC,

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