Proposal: Change to library proposal process

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Mon Dec 27 14:36:43 CET 2010

Hi all,

The current proposal process requires that both a ticket is created and
a mailing list post sent at the start of the proposal. The ticket
creation means:
* Redundant work is done: The same information is repeated in two places
* Some replies end up on the list, while others end up as a ticket
* Tickets for rejected or abandoned proposals tend to hang around,
  cluttering up the bug tracker

I propose that proposals are instead started by sending a message to the
list, and a ticket is only created when and if consensus for the change
has been reached.

This proposal is orthogonal to the proposal to give some libraries
maintainers, so that they no longer use the process.

The proposal process would change to:

Start: Send a mail to libraries@, with subject beginning "Proposal:",
       containing details of the change and a proposed deadline
       (at least 2 weeks time).

End: If consensus for the change has been reached, file a ticket in the
     GHC trac, including:
     * A link to the start of the thread in the archives
     * A summary of the discussion
     * Details of the change, ideally in the form of a patch

Suggested deadline: 24 Jan 2011


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