Functor => Applicative => Monad

John Smith voldermort at
Sun Dec 12 19:40:35 CET 2010

I wanted some more discussion before making a formal proposal - as you point out, there's a lot to consider.

Cross-posting to cafe.

On 12/12/2010 19:33, Antoine Latter wrote:
> Is there a discussion deadline, if this now a libraries proposal?
> For something like this, you might want to advertise the discussion on
> Plane Haskell, and the -cafe to get adequate discussion, as it seems
> sure to break quite a few things. And reddit, although I consider that
> a less contemplative venue. Maybe other places?
> Do we know of any cases where this sort of conversion will be hard to do?
> This is also usually the part of the discussion where I would ask for
> an estimate as to how much this breaks what is published on Hackage,
> but I think the answer would be "a lot." If I depend on a prior
> version of the 'base' package, I'm guessing that I'm not insulated
> from this change, due to how de-sugaring happens.
> Do other haskell compilers (Hugs, NHC?) use the base library? How does
> this change affect them?
> Are there any ways to make this sort of change not break things? There
> has been talk about a language extensions to make this thing work out,
> but they have never been fleshed out, and they've always been the sort
> that sounded like they would have many corner cases.
> I don't like breaking things, even though the new hierarchy makes a
> lot of sense.
> Antoine
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>> Good point; I've moved it to

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