DEPRECATED foldWithKey "Use foldrWithKey instead"

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Wed Dec 8 15:52:42 CET 2010


I find this particular warning (in the subject) unjustified and annoying.

Could someone (maybe the person who introduced it) simply delete it in
the next version (or make a library proposal)?

A matching "foldrWithKey" (and foldlWithKey) is missing in Data.IntMap.
and folding without keys is also only given via "fold" in Data.Map.

Data.Set contains toList and toAscList and the former is rightly not
deprecated. (A function toDescList is missing though in Data.Set.)

Furthermore, Data.Map.foldrWithKey is not part of the container package
that came with ghc-6.10.4.

Cheers Christian

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