ANN: Protocol-buffers 1.7.9

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at
Mon Aug 30 16:48:24 EDT 2010


  This is a bug fix release of the three Protocol Buffers parts:
protocol-buffers, protocol-buffers-descriptor, and hprotoc.

The new versions are all 1.7.9 and are on hackage.

I thank George van den Driessche and Daniel Mischler for the bug reports
and patches.

One bug has to do with needing to occasionally mangle the name of an
Enum value that has been set as the default for some field.  The
generated code would die with a failed "read" when reflection was used
at run time.

The second bug had to do with compiling generated code that used the new
packed field format.

The documentation has been updated to point to the new darcs repository

There may be another bug that Geroge reported and I am trying to
understand.  If there is a problem then it will soon be fixed in another

  Chris Kuklewicz

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