Crypto-API is stabilizing

Thomas DuBuisson thomas.dubuisson at
Mon Aug 23 13:05:47 EDT 2010


Crypto-API - a unified interface to which I hope hash and cipher
algorithms will adhere - has recently gotten a reasonable amount of
polish work.  I continue to welcome all comments!  A blog on its
current interface is online [1] as are darcs repositories of the
crypto-api package [2].  Recent changes includes added block cipher
modes, platform-independent RNG, tests, a simplistic benchmark
framework, and minor tweaks of the classes.  I've made experimental
hash, block cipher and stream cipher instances.  Almost no
optimizations have been made as of yet!

Thanks to everyone for their past comments!  I have made numerous
changes based on input received.  If you feel I didn't respond
properly to your suggestion then please ping me again - this is purely
a spare time effort and things do fall through the cracks.



(If you're wondering why you're BCCed its probably because you worked
on a crypto-related Haskell package)

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