Bringing the IntMap API up to par with the Map API

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Thu Aug 19 02:10:31 EDT 2010

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 3:41 AM, wren ng thornton <
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> Johan Tibell wrote:
>> I've created a proposal to add a strict left fold, see separate email. In
>> the process of doing so I've discovered that the whole foo/fooWithKey
>> duplication is unnecessary, at least from a performance perspective.
>> [...]
>> It's probably not feasible to remove the duplication from e.g. the
>> Data.Map
>> API, but it's worth keeping in mind when designing data structure APIs in
>> the future.
> For something like Data.Map, the API is definitely redundant (though we may
> wish to keep the simplified versions around in Data.Map.Convenience or the
> like). And even though Data.IntMap is technically a trie, it'd probably be
> fine without them too--- since the keys are of fixed size, and can be
> combined with bit twiddling instead of rearranging memory.

The keys are actually stored in the leaves in the IntMap keys so what I said
about Map applies to IntMap as well.

-- Johan
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