Another API stability plea

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Wed Aug 11 16:18:59 EDT 2010

Hi folks,

Recently, I received this bug report against testpack:

The program worked fine with QuickCheck but failed to compile
against, producing the error message listed.

The fix is at 

if you're curious.

I'm writing because there was an API change in a point release.  This is
violating our convention and the Platform policy.  As a practical
matter, it makes life more difficult for me because:

  * If I were to add an upper bound to a dependency in .cabal, with the
intent to prevent compilation errors due to API changes, this would
break that.

  * I can't use CPP macros to support both the old and new versions
because Cabal assumes that in a package named a.b.c.d, the .d component
isn't relevant to API changes (since that's the policy and convention).

  * I get bug reports from users that can't install my software at an
unexpected time.

So, please take this as a polite request and reminder to make a more
significant version change in your .cabal when you change the API.

Here is a link to the versioning policy:

A.B.C should uniquely identify an API.

Also I would like to remind everyone that adding or removing instances
is an API change and can break code, as with the added instances in time
a little while back.

I generally try to support as wide a range of library versions as
possible with my code, so that it can be readily installed on machines
ranging from Debian stable to bleeding-edge Hackage libraries.  Having
API changes untestable with CPP breaks that.

Thanks for your time.  I'll exit the "get off my lawn" mode now ;-)

-- John

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