Move MonadIO to base

Tyson Whitehead twhitehead at
Fri Apr 23 14:28:31 EDT 2010

On April 23, 2010 13:39:36 Anders Kaseorg wrote:
> Yes, just like lift is defined via morph:
> liftIO' :: (MonadMorphIO m) => IO a -> m a
> liftIO' m = morphIO $ \down -> m >>= down . return

Thanks.  That make sense.

How about "exposeIO" for a name then?  It references the fact that it exposes 
the underlying IO monad.  Or even "peakIO", "glimpseIO", "teaseIO", or so on, 
as it is not a full exposure, but just enough to apply combinators.

Really though, as you (or someone else) said, it would seem to be a pretty 
basic as useful functionality that any of the monad transfers should expose 
(in this universally quantified way) the monad they are built upon.

Cheers!  -Tyson
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