Haskell Platform package additions: decision time!

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at worc.ox.ac.uk
Wed Sep 16 11:11:16 EDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-09-16 at 11:39 +0100, Simon Marlow wrote:

> >>> Quick poll: should we split the rationale into a separate page or keep
> >>> it on the same page? Yes or no.
> >>
> >> Definitely split off the rationale,
> >
> > Seems like this is the majority opinion. If it is actually putting
> > people off then that's certainly a good reason to split. The procedure
> > is not very complicated, the policy is just fairly detailed and, I hope,
> > fairly clear. We were trying to anticipate questions and corner cases.
> I'd like to chime in in support of the current way it's done.  Having it 
> on the same page is better than separate pages because it's easier to 
> navigate. 

I think we're in the minority however.

> Separate panes or similar would be even better, but that's 
> essentially impossible without deep Trac magic, if at all.

I played with inserting html and it works except that trac always wraps
it in a div, so it's useless for links.

> If people are worried by the length of the page, then perhaps it could 
> be made clearer at the top of the page that only the first X% of the 
> page is actual policy, the rest is rationale.  With a diagram, even :)

It does already :-)

        Who should read this:
              * People who want to propose a new package;
              * People reviewing proposed packages;
              * The Haskell Platform release team
        Only the first half of this page is essential reading.

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