Recommendation for the procedure to add platform packages

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Tue Sep 8 08:02:42 EDT 2009

On 20/08/2009 03:04, Duncan Coutts wrote:
> All,
> The Haskell Platform steering committee have been very busy over the
> past two weeks drafting, discussing and redrafting.
> The result is our recommendation to the libraries list for a procedure
> for adding new packages to the Haskell Platform.
> Before you all go off and read it, we'd like to say what feedback we are
> looking for and what the next steps will be. The document we've come up
> with describes the procedure but only some very basic quality
> requirements for packages. Our aim is to have the libraries list come to
> an agreement on the procedure first and then we can discuss codifying a
> more comprehensive set of package requirements and guidelines.
> The main document contains:
>        * the procedure itself, which is relatively short
>        * a rationale, cross-linked to the procedure
>        * a procedure to help us make decisions

On the whole, +1.

The process is quite detailed, so we shouldn't expect reviewers to be 
familiar with all the rules; instead it's up to the steering committee 
to guide the discussion and remind people of the administrative details 
at each stage (e.g. "you have until X to respond, or we assume you 
agree", or "this is the first phase, during which we are trying to reach 
consensus on Z").

Specific comments:

"come to view on whether the package should be accepted"
-> "help achieve a consensus ... "

"the libraries mailing list reach consensus to accept it"
-> "the reviewers reach a consensus to accept it" ?

"Compile on all operating systems and compilers that the platform targets"
-> ".. except where the package is compiler- or platform-specific" ?

The "Interim Licesne Policy" should be one of the bullet points
under Package Requirements.  e.g.

   "The package must be distributed under an acceptable license.  The
    only license currently acceptable is BSD3 [rationale..]"

I'd like to see something about API style mentioned in the "Package 
Requirements".  e.g.:

   Packages admitted to the platform should follow an API style
   similar to those packages already in the package.  While the
   style guidelines for package APIs have not yet been written down,
   we expect that to change in the future.


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