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Am Freitag, den 16.10.2009, 15:22 +0200 schrieb Martijn van Steenbergen:
> I propose the addition of the following two functions to module Debug.Trace:
> > traceM :: Monad m => String -> m ()
> > traceM msg = trace msg (return ())
> > 
> > traceShowM :: (Show a, Monad m) => a -> m ()
> > traceShowM = traceM . show

thanks to your mail I found out about traceShow. This does save some
time, but I still find myself inserting
	(\x -> trace (show x) x) 
or now
	(\x -> traceShow x x)
into chained functions.

If Debug.Trace, Control.Monad.Instances and Control.Monad happend to be
in scope, this can be abbreviated by 
	join traceShow :: (Show a) => a -> a
but maybe with a good name, this would be useful in Debug.Trace
directly? I’d really appreciate such a function when debugging code
written in points-free style.


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