Cabal and Hsc2hs Build Phase Options

Matthew William Cox matt at
Fri Nov 20 02:19:03 EST 2009


Firstly, is there any way to specify (statically) options to be passed
to Hsc2hs to be used during the build phase? Ideally, extending the
--$PROGNAME-options command line argument to a cabal directive would be
ideal, so that hsc2hs-options: would be a valid directory for use in
.buildinfo/.cabal files. Is there a way to specificy the compiler and
linker to be used in the invocation of hsc2hs?

Secondly, there is a problem with how command line arguments are
passed to hsc2hs. Running build with the command line argument:
  --hsc2hs-options="--cc=mpicc --ld=mpicc" -v
yields the following call to hsc2hs:

> Creating dist/build/dllg/dllg-tmp/System (and its parents)
> /usr/bin/hsc2hs --cc=mpicc -ld=mpicc --cc=/usr/bin/gcc --ld=/usr/bin/gcc --cflag=-D__G...

Two compilers and two linkers are passed to Hsc2hs, but the later
arguments (the default compilers) take precedence, as can be seen if the
/bin/false is passed instead of mpicc.

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