Could iteratee depend on mtl instead of transformers?

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> Valery V. Vorotyntsev wrote:
> > Thus, the question is: are there any transformers-specific features
> > iteratee package needs, or can it just go with mtl?
> I have successful build iteratee by replacing transformers with
> mtl in the .cabal file.
> > I suspect mtl to be more popular... And actual "popularity" can be
> > measured.
> Popularity is not the issue. The issue is that we are currently
> in a transition from using mtl to using transformers. See:
Are we?

The first thread starts off cheering for monads-fd/tf and transformers, but
fizzles out, as people consider the impact of breaking existing software.

The other one is a post by Ganesh, which for all I know could be a statement
of his personal position and seems less than authoritative as to the
direction of the Haskell Platform as a whole.

Perhaps I missed the memo, or perhaps I am just unclear as to which
antecedent 'we' refers to in your statement. In any event, I don't mean this
to sound nearly as confrontational as it probably does, but I didn't get the
impression from either the initial thread or its brief resurgence that
anything had been decided.

-Edward Kmett
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