network accept bug

Bart Massey bart at
Wed May 20 03:52:16 EDT 2009

I tried to file a bug ticket against this but the GHC trac doesn't seem to be
quite working, so...

It may be a known issue, but Network.accept doesn't appear to return the right
port number on my 64-bit Linux box: it returns the server port rather than the
client port.  The connection it returns seems to work fine.  On my 32-bit
machines it works fine.  I've reproduced the problem with ghc-6.8.3 and
ghc-6.10.1, and with network- and network- (I think; is hiding the
older package sufficient to force use of the newer one?).

Thanks much for any advice you might have.

    Bart Massey
    bart at 

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