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Tue May 12 15:05:58 EDT 2009

#9: Race/Async Exception issue in Network.Socket.connect
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 Submitted here as well: http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/3225

 import Control.Concurrent
 import Control.Monad
 import Network.Socket
 import Control.Exception as C
 import System.Timeout
 import Network.BSD(hostAddresses, getHostByName)
 import System.IO.Error
 import Data.Maybe

 -- someHostName should be replaced by a real host that gives
 -- "connection refused" errors on connection to ports in the range.
 -- The latter ip is a junk one that should cause connections to
 -- hang indefinitely.
 -- More hostnames with either characteristic can be added to taste
 -- if that helps to reproduce the bug.
 servers = [ "someHostName", ""]
 ports = [9001..9099] :: [Int]

 conns = [(h,p) | h <- servers, p <- ports]

 connectSock :: Integral a => String -> a -> IO Socket
 connectSock host port = do
    hn <- maybe (ioError . mkIOError doesNotExistErrorType "No Host
 Address" Nothing $ Just host) return . listToMaybe . hostAddresses =<<
 getHostByName host
    sk <- socket AF_INET Stream 6
    connect sk (SockAddrInet (fromIntegral port) hn) `C.onException` sClose
    return sk

 pMapM f xs = mapM (\x -> forkIO $ f x) xs

 mapM' f xs = mapM (\x -> (C.try :: IO a -> IO (Either C.SomeException a))
 (f x)) xs

 main = do
   -- This is the canary thread in the bugmine
   forkIO $ forever $ putStrLn "chirp" >> threadDelay 100000

   -- This is the bug thread
   forever $ pMapM (\(h,p) -> timeout 1000000 (connectSock h p) >> return
 ()) conns >> threadDelay 2000000


 The above code, compiled with the threaded runtime, causes a race
 condition. After roughly one to two cycles of the bug thread, the canary
 thread stops running, indicating that the program has become somehow
 trashed. (The bug thread stops running as well).

 In experiments, this race condition is best triggered with at least two
 servers, one of which yields "connection refused" on connection, and the
 other of which simply hangs -- the nonsense ip address provided above
 works for the latter.

 If the pMapM is replaced by mapM' (i.e. we switch from parallel to serial
 connection) then the bug does not appear to be triggered.

 Wrapping the call to sClose in a mutex didn't seem to help, so it seems
 the race condition is in the connect call.

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