problem with readline (mac os x)

brian briand at
Wed May 6 22:42:24 EDT 2009


Thank you for responding.

On May 6, 2009, at 12:17 PM, Judah Jacobson wrote:

> On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 10:27 PM, brian <briand at> wrote:
>> Here's the relevant bits :
>> checking for readline in -lreadline... yes
>> checking for rl_readline_version... yes
>> checking for rl_begin_undo_group... no
>> configure: error: readline not found, so this package cannot be built
>> Looks like it found readline, and then decided it didn't ?
> It's finding the system install of readline, which is really editline,
> so it later rejects it for not having enough functionality.

The other problem is that I can't figure out the location of the build  
directory.  The program ask you to check config.log, which seems like  
a very reasonable thing to do,  but I can't find it anywhere.   
Anywhere, being in .cabal.

Is the build dir being removed on failure ?

>> I'm having fairly consisten problems with cabal packages needing  
>> symlinks in
>> /usr/local to work properly, i.e. it
>> can't seem to find libraries in /sw/lib where fink puts them.
>> Is that a cabal problem or a ghc issue ?
> For the readline package you can use
> cabal configure --configure-option=--extra-include-dirs=/sw/include
> --configure-option=--extra-lib-dirs=/sw/lib

uh, that doesn't work :-(

$ cabal configure --configure-option=--extra-include-dirs=/sw/include  
--configure-option=--with-readline-includes=".." --configure-option=-- 
cabal: No cabal file found.
Please create a package description file <pkgname>.cabal

However, I understood what you were trying to do, and figured out the  
following command, which _did_ work !

cabal install readline --extra-include-dirs=/sw/include --configure- 
option=--with-readline-includes="/sw/include" --configure-option=-- 


I'm not sure if the --extra-include-dirs is needed, it seem like maybe  
just the --configure-option flags would have been enough.

Now if only I could remember what I was trying to install when  
readline failed to install :-)

> which passes the necessary arguments to the autoconf script which the
> readline package uses.
> Other Cabal packages may behave better with
> cabal configure --extra-include-dirs="..." and --extra-lib-dirs="..."

... ??

Why should they behave better ??

Cabal really needs some additional debugging flags of some sort.  It's  
fairly painful to figure out the problem if it fails.

Thanks again,


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