ANN: bindings-0.1

Isaac Dupree ml at
Fri May 1 09:25:20 EDT 2009

Maurí­cio wrote:
>  > class Bindings.Utilities.Callback confuses me. Do you have
>  > an example where it's used/needed?
> The point here was just to avoid a complicated policy on callback
> names. To see an example, check the C code in the botton of the
> page below:
> There's a corresponding file named '5minutes.hs' in the
> distribution where a callback type is used. Maybe a different
> policy on how to type and use callbacks could be done.

I'm sorry, I couldn't find where '5minutes.hs' is?  I downloaded the 0.1 
.tar.gz from Hackage... and tried Googling


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